Directors message

Dear Parent,

First of all, let me congratulate you for choosing the right path for your child’s future by selecting Olympus High. It is a destination for vast experiential learning. I often ask myself “when do we call a child educated”. Is it, when he speaks good English, or when he behaves well in a public place or when he is sensitive to the world around him? The answer I get from my inner self is- “a child is called educated when he becomes a better human being”. When he is ready to face all the challenges coming along his way with a smiling face and a brave heart. When he is fearless and at the same time down to earth. When he is chasing his dreams and not taking shortcuts. And this is how we intend to develop a child to be called as educated. We believe it is not only the school’s responsibility but a collaborative effort from your side to fulfill our dream of making smarter, brighter and better human beings graduating out of Olympus High.

Mohit Raghuvanshi