Principals message

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life fime”- Maimonides

We at Olympus High believe that the best education is one which will empower our students with knowledge and useful skills to help them build successful careers. It is the mission of the school to impart high quality education that will help our students pioneer in the field of their choice.

This generation is privileged to be borne in a time and country where the world’s eyes are set towards India. We as a country are on a tremendous growth path where there are opportunities abound for qualified, hardworking and honest people. In the last 30+ years of my teaching career, I have seen my students grow as successful professionals in varied fields such as management, medicine, finance, accounting, engineering, teaching and many more. This reaffirms my faith in the power of education and hence the focus we drive on providing a great learning experience to our students both scholastic and co- scholastic domains.

The other dimension of education we strive to impart at Olympus High is that of responsible citizenship. We strive to teach our students notjust facts and logic but also the importance of good values. We try to inculcate values such as honesty, camaraderie, team work, perseverance, respect for diversity etc, in our day to day interactions with the students. The many co- curricular actJvitJes organized at the school are a testimony to our commitment to shaping our students into well rounded personalities.

We as teachers, parents and mentors must neither believe that the path to good education and upbringing will be easy, nor must we waiver off the journey that we have embarked on. It is thus always my humble to my staff and the parents that we partner together in creating a generation that we will be proud of in the years to come- fortunate are those who can leave a legacy as memorable as that. welcome the feedback the staff and parents may have for further developing the school and providing the best we can to the students of Olympus High.

We at Olympus High will continue to strive towards excellence in education and aligned co- curricular activities. I lookforward to a year filled with joys of learning, achieving and sharing at Olympus High.

Mrs. Sushila Joshi